Candy Buy Back with Operation Gratitude!

I love candy. Love it. In fact, I specifically love the candy that I tell all of your children to stay away from most. That colorful, fruity, chewy, sticky, sweetness. Mike&Ikes, Starburst, Jelly Beans, Skittles, Swedish Fish… Sure, I like chocolate, but that sugary processed goo gets me every time. When I was a kid… Continue reading Candy Buy Back with Operation Gratitude!


Flat Stanley with Rose Tree Kids

Click here to download FlatStanley We love summer contests at Rose Tree Kids. This year we are hosting a FLAT STANLEY CONTEST for all of our patients! Contest dates: June 1st – September 4th. Take your Stanley with you on vacation, to the park, or anywhere interesting you go this summer, and get a photo of Stanley, with or… Continue reading Flat Stanley with Rose Tree Kids


6 Reasons The Tooth Fairy Didn’t Come Last Night

One of my most enjoyable moments in the office is whenever the subject of the tooth fairy comes up. I don’t know if it’s because of my profession, or because of my lack of interest in all things girly as a child, but now as an adult I am slightly obsessed with the tooth fairy.… Continue reading 6 Reasons The Tooth Fairy Didn’t Come Last Night


Don’t Forget Your Mouth Guard!

Just days ago piles of snow lined our streets, but Cecily Tynan is calling for warm temperatures ahead… Spring is here, finally. Regardless of the weather, spring brings sports! Soccer, lacrosse, and baseball to name a few. For most of you sports parents, the spring also brings to mind after school practices, busy sports schedules, and dewy Saturday… Continue reading Don’t Forget Your Mouth Guard!


I Walk For Katie.

CLICK HERE TO DONATE September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. “Families, caregivers, charities and research groups across the United States observe September as Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. In the U.S., 15,780 children under the age of 21 are diagnosed with cancer every year; approximately 1/4 of them will not survive the disease.”-Childhood cancer awareness advocacy. Every September in… Continue reading I Walk For Katie.

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Gummy Vitamins: A Sticky Situation

We want to do what is best for our kids, always. This, of course, includes making sure they are getting all the proper nutrients they need. So, many of us turn towards vitamins to get our daily dose of goodness. The current trend is Gummy Vitamins. While they might be the trend now, they have actually… Continue reading Gummy Vitamins: A Sticky Situation