There’s An App For That!

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Before I had my first child, I was one of those people that said, “I will never hand my child my iPhone. It’s expensive and it isn’t a toy.” Bah! What a joke. Both of my kids love it and they will search it out. Around 6 months they knew how to unlock it, talk with Siri, and throw it. Hello Otterbox! While my phone took a back seat as my most valuable possession, it occurred to me that this generation will be growing up surrounded by smart electronics. Yes, I still give them books and they love them. However, they will grow up with “smart” fingers and will never know anything else. Lightbulb! Why not use this for brushing? Of course, I wasn’t the first to have that “aha!” moment. There is an app for that! So, I scoured the internet for apps that can help. Since it is National Children’s Dental Health Month, when’s a better time to find creative ways to get your kids brushing?

These are my top 3, and they are all FREE!


Disney Magic Timer    FREE

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As you brush, the screen brushes away a cloud to reveal an image. Exciting and interactive, it encourages children to brush for the recommended 2 minutes. It can reveal up to 16 different Disney and Marvel characters. You get a digital sticker after each brush and it allows you to track progress and milestones. The only draw back is that you need a Crest or Oral-B Pro-Health Stages product for this to work. Lucky for our patients, that is exactly what we put in our goody bags!! This app happens to be my favorite. My son will stare at the screen, mouth gaping, while I earnestly scrub. He is actually sad when it’s over. Who knew brushing could be so addictive?


Toothsavers Brushing Game       FREE

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The fairy tale kingdom is under attack! Become a toothsaver and save the day! This app  starts out with a story about why you need to brush and is a game that is played while brushing. It also tells you how to brush while brushing. You have 2 minutes to save fairy tale land by brushing the characters teeth. Checking out the app myself, I found fun characters like Little Red Riding Hood and Pirates and Princesses. Every time you brush you unlock the next level. You can also play against each other!


Aquafresh Brush Time     FREE

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Did you know that there is a name for that signature swirl of toothpaste that goes on your brush? It’s called a Nurdle! Mrs. Herman, one of my instructors in school, taught us that little quirky word. I will never forget it. Who knew one day it would be a character?

Help Nurdle get all of those teeth clean! With a fun song and a timer, Nurdle will help you brush all of your teeth and have fun doing it! This is a much simpler version of brushing apps.

I hope these apps get your little one brushing! Let me know what you think about these apps, if you have used any and how they help! Do you have a favorite that I missed?




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