6 Reasons The Tooth Fairy Didn’t Come Last Night

6 reasons

One of my most enjoyable moments in the office is whenever the subject of the tooth fairy comes up. I don’t know if it’s because of my profession, or because of my lack of interest in all things girly as a child, but now as an adult I am slightly obsessed with the tooth fairy.

My children still have a few years before their teeth start to wiggle, but you better believe it is going to be a magical event in my house hold.

The stories parents tell me about visits from the tooth fairy are quite entertaining. Even better is when the tooth fairy forgets to come. Sometimes the tooth fairy is just so tired. Sometimes? Ha! Let’s be real, the tooth fairy is always exhausted. But she can’t take a night off because that will not go unnoticed.


So, here, I have compiled a list from my patients parents of the all time best reasons the tooth fairy “falling asleep on the job”…

  1. The Tooth Fairy doesn’t come until really early in the morning so if you leave your room before 7 am then she can’t come in.
  2. Your room was so messy that she couldn’t even get to your pillow. She will be back once your room is clean.
  3. The tooth Fairy was captured by Decpeticons last night and the Autobots are trying to save her. She will probably get back to work tonight.
  4. She had a late play date with Olaf and was tired.
  5. She got her fairy dust all over the tooth fairy castle and her mom made her stay home to clean it all up. Even tooth fairies have responsibilities. 
  6. Some of the elves in Santa’s workshop came down with the Flu and the Tooth Fairy needed to fill in so they wouldn’t fall behind on building toys for Christmas.

Maybe you can just use this momentary forgetfulness as a teaching experience that everyone makes mistakes, even the Tooth Fairy, and everyone deserves forgiveness.


Did you know that all of us here at Rose Tree Kids actually know The Tooth Fairy? Yep, that’s right. So, if your little one want to write a letter to her personally and get a response back in the mail, go ahead and sent it to us!


Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 2.12.41 PM








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