Candy Buy Back with Operation Gratitude!


I love candy.
Love it.
In fact, I specifically love the candy that I tell all of your children to stay away from most. That colorful, fruity, chewy, sticky, sweetness. Mike&Ikes, Starburst, Jelly Beans, Skittles, Swedish Fish… Sure, I like chocolate, but that sugary processed goo gets me every time.
When I was a kid I didn’t even like chocolate. I know, I know…
I didn’t like it until after I was married. So when it came to Halloween night, I had the best for bartering candy; all of my chocolate for whatever fruity candy you got. Like most families, I am sure, we dumped our goods at the end of the night and started trading right away.
Who got the most?
Who got what?
Mom is gonna steal your Mallow Cups!
And we always got double the sweets. After a round in our neighborhood we would head home, dump those pillowcases, change costumes, and head back out for round two. I am not saying it was right, but it was fun! I am pretty certain our neighbors knew what was up. They just loved my dad so we got away with it. 🙂

Oh, Halloween, how I loved you. That might have been one of the most exciting nights of the year. I remember many Halloweens vividly. However, I don’t remember the days after Halloween. I remember bringing some candy to school, but I don’t remember going crazy eating tons of candy in the days to follow. Maybe I did and its the sugar comas that cloud my memory. Or maybe my parents hid most of it from us so we wouldn’t go insane. Or they ate it themselves….

Fast forward to many years later where I am a dental hygienist working with children, telling dozens of them a day to watch the sugar they eat. Candy is a “bad treat” and apples and blueberries are “good treats.” Given the choice between chocolate or candy as a healthier alternative, choose chocolate every time (except chocolate milk!) They start telling me what they love and I am mentally drooling. I couldn’t deprive them of their happiness. So, little Jimmy, save those sweets for the special occasions – birthday parties, holidays, and Halloween!

What’s a parent to do? How can you simply take all of their candy away?

There are certain things you can do to encourage them to give their candy away. One way is to bring the candy to our office the week following Halloween. Every year we team up with a nonprofit organization called Operation Gratitude. We collect all the candy you wish to donate and Operation Gratitude will help us send it overseas to our soldiers.

How it works:

Your child brings in a Ziploc Gallon sized bag filled with candy and they get $1 per pound. Then we weigh it, package it up, and ship it!

We encourage children to write, color, or draw thank you cards. The troops really love this!

There are many ways to give your candy to a cause that teaches your children kindness, gratitude, and appreciation. What could be harder for a child than to give away all that candy they worked for to a good cause?

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Did you know that all of us here at Rose Tree Kids actually know The Tooth Fairy? Yep, that’s right. So, if your little one want to write a letter to her personally and get a response back in the mail, go ahead and sent it to us!

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